Monday, April 30, 2012

I Wanna Talk About Me!

Okay, that’s not 100% true, but I thought this lyric, borrowed from my boy Toby, was fitting for my first ever blog entry. That, and it keeps with my cool country lyric theme I’ve got going on and I love a good theme. So enough about that…onto me!

I’m from a small town in the smallest state, lil Rhodey, and I moved to Boston about a year ago. And ohhh if the transition were only as simple as that made it sound. Said transition was about four years in the making, with two jobs and three moves in between, before I finally found myself happily residing in South Boston with my roombud bestie. So here I am, 26-year-old girl, single in the city, with little to show for myself other than some pretty bomb friends, a kickass job, and a crazy family. I’ll take it. 

Refocusing. Rather than just chatting it up about me, this blog is aimed more at being a (hopefully) amusing compilation of everyday observations and experiences that add spice to my otherwise uneventful life (with a few moments borrowed from friends’ lives trickled in). I’ll try to avoid bitchy rants, because I’m a pretty big believer in karma but if I do fall into the bitchy rant trap, I’ll do my darndest to put an entertaining spin on it. So that being said….I’m not completely sure who my audience is here, but whomever you are, I hope these little snippets can bring at least half as much amusement to you as they probably brought to me. Happy reading!

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